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Welcome to the new look GrowGuide.....For all your growing needs.

The GrowGuide Forum as been closed by the forum host Invission Free for breach service. In other words they dont want cannabis sites on there servers. Like growing cannabis is the crime of the century, its about time people understood what cannabis is really about.
So sorry folks all the information as gone and pics, but please email with any queries and i will endevour to help in eny way i can. Regards Mark.

Pests....Spider Mites

The Spider Mite is more feared than bin-laden!Spider mites are the bane of marijuana growers. Mites are not insects, but arachnids, the same family as spiders. They have eight legs. Your garden is probably infested with two spotted mites.

When looking through a loop or magnifying glass, two black spots are visible on the pest's back. Gardens are also infrequently infested with the red spider mite.Spider mites are about the size of a poppy seed. They insert a tube into the plant and suck out its juices.

Indoors, where they are not combating nature's challenges, mites multiply quickly and overwhelm gardens. Mites lay eggs after they mature, about two weeks after hatching. The females lay thousands of eggs over their lifetime. They hatch in about three days. Read more

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